Brooches: I choose to be an elite


Laugh like a four year old and show the world you what you can conquer! 


I’m elated to receive your amazing responses over the last blog. Thank you for your participation and sending entries for Princess Runaway. I would love to raise more social issues through my blog and looking forward for your love and support.

I am back with another to talk about brooches as promised. But first things first, a brooch was a pin featuring a large central cut jewel surrounded by diamonds or pearls. Women fastened brooches to the necklines of their dresses. At the beginning of the century, women pinned a brooch at the center of their scooped necklines near their breasts or attached a brooch to a ribbon tied tightly around their neck. By the end of the century, however, women covered more of their chests and used brooches to hold their collars in place at the base of their necks. You all must have worn it at some point to hold a piece together or just to embrace your outfit.

But this blog talks about general notions and monopolies of elites and the segregation of classes that have been existing in the society. Since 18th century women and men who are from the royal background have been wearing different brooches to mark their eliteness and royalty. And thus the classification of society was set to take place. Queens and Kings,all over the world still practice the inheritance of brooches and so as any elite family.

We are striving for a world where casteism has no place, where we do not define any individual’s capability based on his/her family background,thereby making this world a better place to live,so why to have any such string attached to fashion,making it a differentiator?

Remember,Fashion is for all. It’s for everyone, at their own confidence and level of anticipation and understanding.

So who are these royals and elites and what do they do?The Marxist theoretician Nikolai Bhukarin anticipated the power-elite theory in his 1929 work, Imperialism and World Economy. Present-day state power is nothing but an entrepreneurs’ company of tremendous power.

And now you re-consider who you are! You’re an entrepreneur, an individual who seeks to bring about serious changes in the society. You’re headed for a journey which is as challenging as anyone else’s. I,like many of you would like to touch the lives of millions through what I do i.e., Critical Fashion Blogging,so am I not privileged to be an elite? You’re not someone who should be looked upon as an elite. Ofcourse,you do and that’s your strength.

One should feel elite to be rich and rich to feel an elite. And we women need to break the cliche of brooches being limited to royals. What say you women? You’re a girl boss of your own and an entrepreneur by choice and you’re the one who would define your style. So wear brooches and show the world its necessary to first feel an elite in oder to be an elite.

My outfit here would tell you how a girl boss looks like. I chose my favourite colour of any season,Lavender!

The lavender bodycon dress which gave my curves a perfect shape with same colour summer coat was my pick for the day. I completed the look with Lavie’s amazing pastel collection embellished bag which will never go out of fashion as pastels is all we need this season. Never to miss,these beautiful silver stilettos from Steve Madden’s recent collection. And of course, the brown swarovski  studded brooch was all I needed to feel an elite and thus I carried it like a boss!

So to all the queens out there,wear your style and smile and embrace the struggle with fashion,this time.


Sharing the pictures! Do not forget to tell me how you find this blogpost.




Set to rule with this super chic dress from Forever21!


Lavie is my choice this time!


Body con Dress- Forever 21

Lavender Summer Coat- Forever 21

Stilettos- Steve Madden

Watch- Rado

Pastel Bag- Lavie


Princess Runaway

Start with women and everything else will fall in place.

Hello my strong woman-ies!

This blog is very close to my heart and I hope after reading this all of you will find some purpose or the other out of it.

So my idea of Princess Runaway could be different than your idea of the word but I’m sure,we are going to strike a chord at the end.

Reading one recent story at schoopwhoop depicting the story of a woman who was ill-treated by the man she loved and left everything for.Princess Runaway is the story of a woman, a modern yet traditional woman who on her wedding day ran for the man she loved.

Look at her all art inspired outfit right here.It’s one of my favourite artworks as I designed it inspired by the fish scales pattern over the dress.


So what do you think is missing? The forgotten earring or something more visible,the not-so-thematic sneakers right there.


Well,if there weren’t shoes,running would be so difficult,literally.And hence,running away from her perfect deary dreamhouse for another fairytale.But you know my girlies,all that glitters is not gold.So,this princess who could be you and me had to face all heart-aches. Sobbing and wet-eyed,she wanders on the roads along the bus stops and contemplates.


Never to miss,she’s so beautiful even now. Where her parents once placed Jimmy choo’s and Louboutins literally,now are these shoes so dirty.


So what, if she loved too much? what,if she dared to run away? She is your daughter,the princess you have always embraced.



And what would you say if she wants to remain your daughter all her life? Would you let her be? Would you dare to break through the stereotypes of marriage? Would you be her only home to go?

To all my strongest of women out there,you are beautiful.

There’s no harm in loving somebody but remember to love yourself enough to let go and start over. Remember to love your parents enough to go back and remain a daughter. Yes, Remain a daughter. #BreakThrough. #Ichoosetoremainadaughter 

Breaking the stereotype of patriarchy, we women will rise.So next time you my princess when you runaway,run with your dreams.

Glamour & fashion side says the dress I am wearing here is something I worked on for a month.Its inspired by the fish scales all over and stones that imitates the pearls of the ocean(for a woman’s love is as deep as an ocean and as pure as a pearl).I completed my look with a non-thematic white&black Push sneakers to make it all quirky and to break the monopolies of glittery sandals and a black studded headband which I wore as a choker.

So to my beautiful girls,for the princess you’re, and a daughter you choose to remain,share your princess runaway look at and we feature your look and stories on my page and blog.


Sharing pictures from the day covered by the best- Anubhav Gulati (Darkroomdimensions)







Every girl is a princess and believe it or not watching disney princesses and reading about fairytales gave us,all girls some real time life goals!


I am back after a long time with my favourite blogpost which features me being a disney princess and living my fairytale dream.

Brought up in a magical environment,my parents used to read me princesses and fairytales and regarded me as one,thus,for the love of magic and disney characters,visiting Disneyland Paris was a dream come true.

Officially opened on 12th April,1992 was one of its kind and attracted a lot of attention. Disneyland,today is one of the highest visited theme park in the entire world. On my trip to Paris last spring , this was the major destination I had on my list .

Once you’re there,you will experience a different world altogether. The quirky-designer costumes available for you to buy, super cute kids wearing mini dresses and frocks depicting various disney characters,the little colourful bows of minnie, wonder lakes with fun candies and chocolates, Disney parade and what not!

It’s unbelievable and so have to be a fashion lover’s outfit for such a place! Right?

Hence for the love of everything and anything fashion, I had a lot of thoughts regarding the Ootd!!

Though there could be a lot of well picks including Trendy T-shirt prints,hot new designs and cuts and whole host of fashion forwards accessories that can transfer you and bring to you,the magic of disney,I chose to wear a sequinned white flared knee-length dress with colourful ribbon belt on it.

It gave me a perfect princess look I wanted to carry and helped me in my attempt of matching with the magical disney dresses.

I personally think all girls should once for real, dress up like a princess of their choice or you know what’s better? To be a fairy of your own by defining your own style statement and having magical travel goals.

And take it from me,believe in your own style and charisma,they form your individuality.

So girls,if you wish to be as compassionate as Snow White,as generous as Jasmine as kind as Cinderella ,as spirited as Ariel,as graceful as Auora and beautiful as Belle,look through your wardrobe and pick out your princess look and show your fairy side!

Further, some of my pictures from the day detailing the outfit and magic of disneyland.





Shades and Their Ways

“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion”. – Coco Chanel

Bonjour folks

I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend and here I am back with my new blog post on New found love for Monochromes!

Monochromatic color schemes forms from a single base hue and extended using its shades and different tones and allow for a greater range of contrasting tones that can be used to attract attention, create focus and support legibility.

When deciding what to wear to work, college and even casual hangouts we sometimes  tend to lose the ability to mix-match clothes and accessories and here’s when  the monochromatic idea comes into play!

Where contrasting and adding colors to the daily attires helps making a good choice,it’s never really bad to go out of the box sometimes and try different hues of same color!

Imagine how creative it would be to go all hue-tic , though you might think that it will give out a dull and somewhat flat look at the same time which is no wrong completely but would surely enhance simplicity within you!

The idea of going monochrome with your #outfitoftheday is to make you stand out which also communicates a lot about your sense of styling!

I personally possess love for monochromes and tried two different looks and styled them with necessary accessories,here sharing pictures from the day!

Photo courtesy by: Akhil Gupta




Styled regular denims and grey full sleeves top and  long black cape.





Detailings from the day



Skin colored trousers with beige long upper styled with hazelnut long coat



Handbag : Giuliano Nederland (Amsterdam)

Ring & Emerald bracelet from Swarovski

Long hazelnut coat: Zara

An Evening In Paris

Hi fashionfolks!

Here I enter into the world of sharing thoughts and experiences.My first and further posts will be centered around the recent tour to different European countries amongst which, Paris,caught major attention.

Paris, France’s capital , a global center for art and food culture also called the Fashion capital of the world. On reaching Charles De Gaulle Airport ,Paris ,I took a cab to my hotel. whilst driving to the hotel,I noticed fashion maniacs across the street.

The styling and statement was beyond the boundaries of imagination and with each passing minute you realize which part of the world you’re in. Thus, I found myself a place in an open street cafe and believe that those fashion maniacs were a treat to eyes and hence, the question strikes what will I be wearing!!

After checking-in I decided to visit in the evening, the ultimate symbol of romance and love , Eiffel Tower and suddenly the dress selection hit me.

After much dilemma, I decided to wear a printed floral cut sleeves maxi dress and accessorized it with bare, loud yet elegant  green emerald color neck-piece and completed the look with straightened hair.

Also to embrace the whole look, I styled my beige color wedges with the outfit- of -the day!

Here sharing some pictures of the look!

rsz_1img_1231 (1).jpg

View of Paris City from second level of Eiffel Tower